St. Helena Catholic School

Pre-K through 5th Grade


A child will not be successful in life unless they have a solid mastery of reading, writing, and mathematics. These are the building blocks which are later used to construct a child's skills in problem solving; individually, or in collaboration with others in school, or on the job. 

An education in a Catholic school prepares your child for later success both in school, as in life.

Students who graduate from St. Helena Catholic school tend to obtain higher test scores and manage life situations with dignity, strength of character and fairness.


At St. Helena Catholic School, a Christian education is not something that begins and ends within the structured framework of a few hours a week. It is a long, vital reality that is instilled into our students throughout the day.

An emphasis on religion and values in all aspects of school help create a safe environment and make a difference in the quality of education.

Preschool Program

St. Helena Catholic School proudly extended their seventy year tradition of academic excellence to three and four year old children when they implemented a Preschool Program during the 2007 - 2008 school year. The program provides a nurturing Christian learning environment where students of all faiths are welcome and respected. Children are actively engaged in learning and are provided with opportunities to make choices, experiment, and explore.

St. Helena Catholic School provides a teacher certified in the specialization area of Early Childhood Development and fully trained to understand and meet the special needs of young children. 

The curriculum is based on a foundation of scientific research of how young children learn and it addresses the needs of the whole child and ensures readiness for a smooth transition into elementary school. It provides a sequenced program of study that ensures age appropriate learning experiences. High expectations are maintained for all children, recognizing student individuality and differences in learning rates and styles. 

We take precise measures to ensure the safety of all children at all times. Our classrooms are specially designed for preschool aged children. Play is fundamental in learning as well as social and emotional development at the preschool level. Our playground equipment ensures our young students have opportunities for safe play and adequate muscle development. St. Helena Catholic School Preschool program is licensed by CYFD.

Grades K-5

Excellence in Action

- High Academic Standards

- A Christ-centered education

- Caring, qualified, and certified teachers

- Limited class sizes to serve

the individual needs of students

Faith Formation through Catholic Identity

- Weekly Mass

(Every Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m.)

- Daily Morning prayer with

students and staff

- Catholic teaching through

daily religious instruction

- Catholic tradition through

community service and sacraments

- All faiths respected and welcome