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Spelling Words & Vocabulary List

Weeks 1 - 5

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First Communion (3rd)

August - September

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First Communion (2nd)

August - September 

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What We Are Learning​ This Month: August

Reading & Writing

Visualizing and identifying characters and setting 

Focusing on the idea – let’s stay centered.


Rounding to the nearest hundred/thousand, with adding and subtracting them

Science and Social Studies

Forces and Motion

Personal Financial LiteracyAGPR Service Project


The Trinity – God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

Class Lesson Plans

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Unit 1, Week 1

Spelling & Vocabulary Words

     Spelling Words   |          Vocabulary Words

1. clap

2. camp

3. hand

4. stamp

5. snack

6. rack

7. grabs

8. glad

9. bill

10. miss

11. click

12. pink

13. sick

14. grin

15. lift

16. cat

17. bit

18. man

19. anthill

20. cramp

1. ached - hurt or felt sore

2. concentrate - think very carefully about what you are doing

3. discovery - something that was hidden or unknown is found

4. educated - has a great deal of knowledge

5. effort - work needed to finish a task

6. improved - become better at something

7. inspired - encouraged to do something good

8. satisfied - pleased with the way something happened

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